10 Ways to Promote Band Music On The Web

Promoting music online for a band is tricky. It is also extremely essential for a band to promote their music on online forums apart from performing live music. Online promotion enables the band to expose their music to a broader audience and also to bring in income. There are apps, communities, channels, networks and music platforms that are dedicated especially for musicians to inject their music into. Here are ten ways you can use to promote your music on the internet and gain the exposure your band deserves.

1. Band Website

A band website is almost mandatory if not a must. The most important and first step is to get a good website for the band with the band’s bio on the web. The site will act as the official website of the band where fans can find more information about the band.

2. Mailing

Every subscriber should be mailed regularly as part of the website’s ongoing marketing practice. Emailing your fans will ensure that there is a personal touch to their efforts of following your music. In the time when social media has all the updates and information from a band, email is the new generation way to a handwritten letter.

3. Blogging

Fans are interested in the everyday happenings of the band. Make sure that you have a blog that will talk about different things that are happening with your band. This includes any reviews of albums that you think are essential for your fans and personal entries of the various band members. Connecting with you on an individual basis is what keeps the fans coming back for more.

4. Electronic Press Kit

While fans are critical to the business, so are the industry influencers. An EPK will make that the band is known about. Information about your music catered to the music industry promoters, tour dates and other contact information for collaborations is what the EPK is all about.

5. Social Media Engagement

When you have a fan base, you have to make sure that you keep them coming back and growing. While it is nice to get more new fans, keeping your existing fans impressed is essential. You can keep your fans interested by giving them exclusive interviews that they won’t find anywhere else. Use every social media platform to engage with your fans and give them exclusive photos and everyday happenings of the band.

6. Online Radio

Get your music onto online radio platforms such as Spotify and Pandora amongst the 100s of others. This way fans will be exposed to your music when it is missed with the music that they already like. Apps like Spotify and Pandora play music according to the genre the audience is interested in, and chances are you will get a huge following when you are put into their mix.

7. Concert Discovery

Make sure you sign up with all the concert discovery websites that you can find. These websites will ensure that all your concert information is available to existing and potential pans around the world. While social media will do most of the job, concert discovery apps are a great tool as well.

8. Contests

Run contests regularly for your audiences. This is a great engagement strategy for your existing audience and will create a buzz amongst potential fans. Contests involving free tickets, dinners with the band members or even freebies are great ways to lure them in.

9. Advertising

If you have some money that you can use, advertise with different online mediums. You can advertise different things relating to your band like a new album, buzzing news, tour dates, contests, etc. Ensure that you have some budget for google related advertising as well.

10. Trading Music Online

There are unique websites that allow for bands to give their music away for something in return from the fans such as an email address. NoiseTrade is one such website. Bandcamp is another website that helps bands sell albums by bundling them with others. Bandcamp also gives users a feature where they can download a song from your album in exchange for their email address.