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Monthly Archives: January 2019

Jamming With Musicians Around The World

Musical genius Darren Hart was famous for his major success for a song that he posted on Facebook page. The song went viral moving from all the way from his native home in Australia to Paisley Park in the US. […]

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Promoting Your Band to Expand Your Audience

Trying any new creative endeavour in the 21st can be a difficult task. Strangely enough, it’s not that difficult to create your content, in fact that’s the main reason that it can be such a tough slog. Technology has created […]

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Four Ways A Band Can Use Artificial Intelligence – Bands in Entertainment

During 2016, for the first time in almost two decades, the music industry saw a growth in revenue thanks to apps such as apple music and Spotify. Streaming was positioned as music’s savior and allowed more access to music. But […]

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