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Monthly Archives: February 2019

Five Bands Who Used Unique Instruments to Become Popular

In today’s musical era where every famous musician is incredibly stereotypical, the world begs for some unique qualities. When you hear a song, you can almost name the band by just listening to the opening riffs these days. Yes, this […]

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Why Some of The Best Bands Hide Their Faces

It’s official. It is now a trend that many bands and artists hide their faces. It has become so common now that many people are beginning to wonder why they would want to protect their identity when that is the […]

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How to Know That Your Band is Ready for an Album – Band Promotion

Putting a band together is one of the biggest challenges that a musician will face. That is, putting a band together with the right mix of talent and professionalism along with everything needed to keep your band together for years […]

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