Finding A Band Manager for Your New Band

Many people don’t find a band manager. Not because they don’t wish to, it’s just that, it never worked. There are band managers who are available, and there is no shortage for them. However, it is just a personal preference when someone prefers to do the managing part themselves. There are even several successful artists who have managed for decades without a band manager. Making music is about doing what you love and not being governed by another member who does not understand the core of the band. Therefore, the right band manager is like finding the right shoe that fits the foot; a little big or small and you can falter in your step or worse, you continue to play with a lot of discomforts.

There are two natures of managers in the music business:

  1. The Experienced Manager – The one who knows exactly the path to take, or
  2. The Amateur – The one who has little or no experience but works with passion

While the ideal situation is that you get a manager, who has a beautiful mix of both these characteristics, the chances are slim that you would find that one person. There will be many people who would be willing to come forward who has absolutely no experience and wants to ‘try’ something new with being a manager. These are the types you need to completely stay clear from when it comes to finding a band manager. Managers also need to be responsible enough to inform all members of the band about the happenings. It does not reflect adequately on the band when they don’t know what their manager is working on. Therefore, some experience and trust would go a long way in building a relationship with a band manager.

Where to Find a Band Manager

Finding the right band manager is all about timing. Timing also heavily relies on exposure. Therefore, being able to stay on the constant lookout for a manager is essential. Managers who are experienced are also very picky about who they work with regarding popularity. The minute your band starts gaining recognition, you will find a flock of band managers coming to you trying to shine off your glory. However, whether they are indeed genuine will be difficult to ascertain at that stage. A thorough vetting of the manager will make sure you find the needle in the haystack that you seek.

Things to Do Before You Find a Manager

Social media is all the buzz, and everyone estimates your popularity based on your social presence. This is even more true for bands. Across all social channels, a band that has a few 100k followers are the ones that band managers will also want to work with. Many a time, you will find that while you are picking up popularity, you would get an amateur to help with the social media, website and other online presence. This person could potentially go on to become a manager who would have learned the ropes along with you. They don’t have experience in the band managing business, but they would shout and scream and kick up dirt if they have to for you. A highly resourceful amateur who learns and connects well in the band business has potential. Alternatively, ensure you have all your ducks in a row when it comes to the online and offline pitching. Automatically, the experienced and possibly passionate manager will come to you.