Five Bands Who Used Unique Instruments to Become Popular

In today’s musical era where every famous musician is incredibly stereotypical, the world begs for some unique qualities. When you hear a song, you can almost name the band by just listening to the opening riffs these days. Yes, this is an essential feature for bands who are seeking a name for themselves with a trademark. Music audiences worldwide, love their favorite bands and when they can find their music just by listening to the opening, gives fans a sense of accomplishment and belonging to the artist. That being said, bands use something unique to stand out from the rest of the artists. The unique features could range from their music videos to the actual music itself. Take for example Taylor Swift or Daft Punk. The minute you hear the opening sequence with a guitar or a string instrument, Taylor Swift fans know that it’s her. The same goes with Daft Punk; the only difference is they have their added uniqueness in their appearance by using helmets. Here are some bands who have used weird instruments to enthrall their audiences.

Arcade Fire

Most bands need only five members. However, if more band members play instruments, the chances are that they would most likely pick up a weird instrument like a Xylophone or other string instruments. Have you ever heard of the instrument called the Hurdy-Gurdy? It is a string instrument that is more prevalent with the Cajun French and is played by using a crank. Regine Chassagne is a band member of Arcade Fire who plays this instrument.

Jethro Tull

It is a wonder how a band that is led by a flute to become famous. The most leading instruments are either a lead guitar or a piano. However, Jethro Tull has managed to snag Grammy’s as well as take up the top spot in rock music radio right from the 80s. This flute led band has managed to stay at its prime and impress audiences.

Joanna Newsom

Many modern artists choose instruments that are more popular with the newer era. However, few music breathing artists like to look back in time to the music created by historic instruments like the harp. Joanna Newsom plays the harp and has managed to make her audiences fall in love with both her personality and the music she creates. The harp is one of the most robust instruments to learn, and Joanna plays it well.

Tilly and The Wall

One of the band members in any band who does not get the chance to move from his seat throughout a song is the drummer. The drummer must keep time and rhythm to the music and provide organization to the music. The rhythm keeping in the band Tilly and The Wall is a tap-dancer though. While tap dancing is technically not an instrument per se, it is still the source of rhythm with this band. Weird but true.