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Four Ways A Band Can Use Artificial Intelligence – Bands in Entertainment

During 2016, for the first time in almost two decades, the music industry saw a growth in revenue thanks to apps such as apple music and Spotify. Streaming was positioned as music’s savior and allowed more access to music. But to offer those who listen to music a more emotional and engaging experience, augmented reality and digital technology is the solution. We have all read about 78% of individuals spend money on a desirable object.

Four Ways A Band Can Use Artificial Intelligence – Bands in Entertainment

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality or AR Technology is the ability to overlay digital and technical information into the physical world, usually through the aid of your camera on a mobile device. Virtual reality is entirely different in this feature, as it is completely immersive and has a real value. The most famous examples of AR would be the release and update of Snapchat and Pokemon Go, which consists of significant parts of AR. AR allows the player to interact with the real world through a mobile device and encourages you to keep moving. The music industry may have a potential hit when it comes to Augmented Reality. And depending on the audience the music industry must cater to their technological needs.

Music videos

Music videos are a common feat in today’s world, but as far back in 2010 AR was used for Rihanna and David Guetta when they both partnered up with Doritos. Their track “Who’s That Chick” has been attracting viewers to videos since it was released, and videos have never been more valuable. AR can help famous musicians make the listener part of the video, with the artist performing right in front of you thought the aid of special goggles or smartphone.

Music Marketing

AR marketing has been proven to be the best. A restaurant in New York increased their business by 75% through an intelligent and strategic way of using Pokemon go, a game that utilizes AR technology. While the virtual world is hard to connect to, AR will help bridge that gap. A world where fans will have to hunt for the latest releases similar to Pokemon Go. Imagine a world where marketing and music advertising will help the viewer and the audience be a part of the video itself, with the help of Augmented Reality.

Music Marketing

Music Education

Through the use of Augmented Reality, we can train and educate the next generation of musicians. The music industry will be heavily impacted. In fact, in Japan, a hologram has been produced to help people learn to play the piano easily. AR tech can be used as a tool to connect with a younger and a more broader audience emotionally. The connection to the audience also means that the music industry’s greatest influencers can become its greatest educators. Not only will this advance the music industry, but it will also pass on the expertise of all the legendary artists to the next generations of musicians. Youngsters especially take to new technology like flies to the cake and using AR in Music Education is only a push in the right direction.


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