Getting New Band Music Featured on Spotify – New Band Promotion

The success of a band on Spotify relies heavily on the number of stream counts. While this is an essential factor, the number of playlist additions are crucial. According to a survey, every play of a song happens because of the playlists they are added to.  The feature is the same across all music streaming services. Most of the users on Spotify, use playlists for their music for ease of listening. These playlists are curated by humans and not generated automatically. The automatically generating playlists are based on the number of plays in the genre. Therefore, the cycle starts with getting on the human-generated playlists as a first step.

People love their playlists and bookmark the ones they are fond of. There are millions of playlist creators on streaming services. These creators have millions of playlists in return, which increases the potential of getting your music across several playlists from a single creator. It is essential to connect with the music playlists creators who create lists for your genre. They are the foremost in the food chain when it comes to supporting your music. While there are playlists created by big music labels and producers, there are also playlists that are generated based on music websites and blogs along with social media relevance.

1. Verification

It is easy to become verified on Spotify. There is a simple form that you can fill out on the website that will almost immediately give you your verification. The verification process will make sure that you are real. It also gives you better control over the artist page on Spotify. Verified customers can even send their unreleased music for playlist consideration as part of the beta release on Spotify.

2. Activity on Spotify

More ongoing updates on your Spotify account means that you are serious and gives you a better chance of getting noticed. Both the humans and the robots on the system will be able to see your activity and give you that much-deserved audience. The tip is to release music regularly on Spotify than in just one chunk.

3. Start Small

While it is fantastic if you are a prominent artist who has hit the limelight overnight, the reality is that it rarely happens. Alongside making music, the focus of speaking to independent curators and list creators. This will ensure that you are feeding new music and talking to the right people to get featured on their playlists.

4. Personalized Pitch for Playlist Creators

Writing to playlist creators can’t come off the fly. The pitch you send to each of the curators to consider your music for their playlists should be customized. Write about the interesting facts you like about the playlists they have created and why you would be a good fit on the list. This shows the curator that you care and that you are worth their effort.

5. Overall Online Presence

While concentrating all your efforts on Spotify, do not neglect the energy you have to put into your global online presence. When users and fans notice your music, they are going to want to follow you on social media and visit your website. Therefore, having unique plans for all your social media avenues along with your Spotify efforts is essential.