Jamming With Musicians Around The World

Musical genius Darren Hart was famous for his major success for a song that he posted on Facebook page. The song went viral moving from all the way from his native home in Australia to Paisley Park in the US. His song ‘Leaving It All Behind’ earned attention towards the end of 2013, this also caught the attention of Prince. Prince invited Harts to Jam with him at his home in Minneapolis. The collaboration led to commercial success in both the US and Australia. Harts has now landed a deal and is now helping other artists to leap into the digital music industry.


Creating the Concept of Virtual Bands

Harts is mentoring a new band it is nothing like traditional rock ‘n’ roll with young musicians meeting at school or catching each other at a venue. This process is entirely online. The members of the band were involved through an online audition. The Australian government supports this whole project as part of a nationwide program to upgrade Australia’s broadband network. The members of the band were chosen for their technical abilities and can come together through technology, though my hundreds of miles away from each other. Harts hopes that this process may inspire other musicians and artists to reach out using technology and find new ways to express themselves.

The final chosen musician has been left to their work. They are left to decide their devices and music before contacting the other members. They are planning to collaborate and jam with each other using online services such as Face Time and Google Hangouts and are only to contact Harts for guidance and producing once a month.

How Do You Play Music Online?

There are a lot of troubles when it comes to playing music online.

  1. You have to ensure that you synchronize your live music online and obtain a high-speed line like internet
  2. Using a good quality microphone and a decent internet connection are suggested for any informal jams.
  3. Using equipment that you found on the cheapest end of the dollar store isn’t going to work as efficiently as buying quality equipment.

You will need to find a camera that has a solid noise reduction microphone. And if unsuccessful, you can always resort to using the tried and tested egg cartons and cardboard baffles. It is also a whole lot easier if you share pre-recorded riffs and ideas.

Social Video Conferencing

One of the most trending apps for social conferencing is known as Houseparty. The app is quickly gaining popularity with its features, by letting users chat whenever someone else is online. The way to use this app is simple. The only things you have to do is send a notification when you have inspiration or after you have finished recording a new piece. Then, you instantly share it with your band members. The app also allows friends, family, and other members to join in on private chats. Making it the perfect app for virtually collaborating with other members.