Music Rights Administration – What You Need to Know

In the music industry ‘Music Rights Administration’ involves a fascinating process. It consists of receiving money from royalties for your music. Most musicians and artists are not sure of the types of royalties that they are entitled to. These rules also keep changing over time. There are two main types of music rights administration. The first involves administering the rights of a person in the band. The second concerns the publishing administration agreement with an administrator of publishing.

Administering a Band Member’s Rights Yourself

When you want to make decisions on behalf of a band member, this is the administering rights you would be dealing with. The purpose of this rights is that you won’t have to keep going to a person for their approval on trivial matters when you manage them. As a music producer, a music band manager, an investor in the band, you might be a part of the band or work exclusively. Either way, these rights will be essential when you need to make decisions for the band’s well-being collectively. For example, if the band wrote a song together, and you were the lead writer, even if you are the main singer, you would have to share the rights of the song with other members of the band. Doing so will ensure that everyone gets a piece of the royalty from the music. As the songwriter, you should be able to change things in the arrangement of the music without having to get everyone’s approval for every note change. Many artists do their digital royalties and ASCAP Public Royalties themselves because it is easy to manage.

Having an Organisation or Third-Party Handle the Rights

There are established administrators who deal solely with managing the rights of several people at once. They will be able to handle the royalties and all the matters that you wish for them to look after on your behalf. The setup helps artists to continue to work on their music and concentrate on their performance and not worry about the other administrative duties of the band. Companies that deal with the administration for music charge a fee for their services. The situation and the percentage you would give your administrator will differ according to the band. Administrator companies are great when it comes to handling royalties that are very difficult to access because of their dedication to meet the trivial circumstances that surround them. Musicians want to concentrate on their music and not spend their time dealing with situations where they have to approach the 100s of organizations to retrieve royalties. Therefore, using an administrator company is the best option for such bands.

Key Points To Understand in An Agreement

Giving administration rights to a person involves trust and reading the fine print. Here are the key pointers that you need to take note off before you sign away your life.

  1. The duration of the contract
  2. What happens when the term ends and what the admin gets
  3. Whose name will be on the cheques
  4. Fees for commission
  5. What costs you can be reimbursed for
  6. The breadth of the rights

Seek help when it comes to signing the administration rights or when taking administration rights for members of the band. These matters might seem trivial to a band an artist and might look like you need to step on a few toes. Therefore, a third party who specializes in such scenarios is the right way to go.