Practicing for A Band Quietly – Band Tech

One of the most exciting things a musician can do is form a band. While creating the group is the first step toward collaborating for music, practicing is essential to make sure everyone is in tune. The growing population around the world has negative constraints in keeping the band music going. One of the biggest problems bands face is finding the time to get together for practice. Once the band members can match schedules to get together to jam, the next issue to face is a disgruntled neighbor. With people living closer to each other, neighbors can pretty much hear anything happening next door, and this includes repetitive band practice music. As luck may have it, there are several technological advancements in the field of soundproofing to make sure the music is contained inside the studio and away from private neighbors.

The Guitarist and Bass Player

While the guitar is the most natural instrument to learn, it is also one that has several variations. If the band has an electric guitar or a bass guitar, the chances are the sound will annoy your neighbor. If your group is sticking to the ukulele or an acoustic guitar, it wouldn’t be as big a problem. For an electric guitar, there are some fantastic options these days where you can plug your guitar into your computer. The computer allows a pair of headphones to connect which can be used to hear the music. As a result, the sound is entirely negligent. Listening to the music on headphones while playing is also great to find the small nuances in the tone and make appropriate changes to the music. Here are four top electric guitar interfaces that can connect to your computer.

Pianists and Keyboardists

Pianos are beautiful instruments that usually adorned every living room in the 60s and 80s. However, with the growing number of people working with space constraints, the chances are that a keyboard would take its place in the home. Most of the keyboards that are made these days can be connected to the computer easily. The full-sized keyboards are great for practice and can be moved around anywhere for band practice too. There is also little to worry about disturbing anyone when playing a keyboard. For beginners, there are a few keyboard choices that connect to the computer and is perfect for a band.

  • Roland Go
  • iRig Keys I/O
  • Yamaha PSR- E2453
  • Casio CTK6200 Touch Sensitive


The loudest instrument in a band is probably the drums. Most neighbor complaints surround a drummer who plays his drums at all times of the night. If you are a drummer, neighbors probably have you on their hate list. Good news is that there has been a lot of technological advancements in drums since the early 2000s. The drum kits that are available these days have mesh heads and ultimately keep the sound contained. The drums can also connect to the computer during a jam session. An added perk is that the drums can now be carted around anywhere for band practice. Here are some great drums that are perfect for bands that are just starting.

  • Roland TD-25K V Drum Kit
  • TD1KV
  • TD17K