Promoting Your Band to Expand Your Audience

Trying any new creative endeavour in the 21st can be a difficult task. Strangely enough, it’s not that difficult to create your content, in fact that’s the main reason that it can be such a tough slog. Technology has created a wonderful opportunity in that creating your own music isn’t just reasonably simple to do, it’s affordable too. This means everyone and their nans can set up their own musical endeavour and create their own playlist of self-made tunes in no time. There’s so much out there the real difficulty comes in getting noticed amongst a sea of rivals. Don’t fret though, it’s not impossible and if you’ve got the drive and the talent to boot then there’s always a shot. We’re going to take a look at a few tips that can help you start on the path to success and hopefully build up a bit of notoriety.

Online Content

For better or worse the world seems to be spending more and more of it’s time cruising the web. It should come as no surprise then that you’ll need to feed into this avenue if you want create a constant presence. Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) is very important, it’s even better if you can feed it into your own website. Make sure you’re constantly adding new content to this site, obviously you’ll want examples of your music on here but other things can help too. Music videos are a great way to engage people, in fact people are more likely to view these than anything else you post. As well as this why not look at adding things like blog posts, podcasts and behind the scenes videos to your site? These kinds of things allow your audience to connect to you on a more personal level and should strengthen your fanbase in the process.

The Real World

You may be surprised to hear that life doesn’t just take place online and there are plenty of things you can still do in the real world to boost awareness for your music. Perhaps the best way to build up your reputation is also probably the most obvious, play gigs. Get out there as often as possible and introduce yourself to as many places as possible, touring is so important and there is no better way to introduce yourself to an audience. Don’t just play music venues too, look at playing more obscure gigs, perhaps at local events or street festivals? These kinds of gigs will access an entirely new audience and maybe even the local press.

Radio and Online Playlists

A great way to access an audience across the globe is by pitching your music to radio stations and online playlists. Naturally this will require a lot of research into which would be perfect for your style and which would be more likely to take your beats on but it’ll be worth it in the long run. What’s great about this is that the publicity is cumulative meaning the more you get played, the more you get played, and that means the more listeners you’ll get so don’t be shy when it comes to rolling up your sleeves here, it should pay off in end.