Why Some of The Best Bands Hide Their Faces

It’s official. It is now a trend that many bands and artists hide their faces. It has become so common now that many people are beginning to wonder why they would want to protect their identity when that is the lifestyle they have chosen to have. The popularity that comes with being famous is one which everyone dreams about. There is entirely no doubt about it. The act of band members hiding their faces and identities is not something that is new at all. While it is more prevalent these days, it has been practiced for a long time. The greatest thing about hiding their identities is that they can talk freely about their emotions and their individual experiences through their music and not have their face attached to it. Talk about therapeutic music.

Artistic Reasons

One of the top reasons for band members to choose to hide their faces is because they want to keep the decorative element pure in their music. Being famous is known to dilute the quality of the music that is produced by the band. Many band members can find this, much earlier in their set up and decide to keep the music pure. If you look at the many bands that are creating music these days, you will find that there is a sense of stereotypic resonance to their music. You know exactly what the next song will sound like. Perhaps, this is the thought process that goes through the minds of bands who hide their faces? Probably, this is why bands who conceal their faces, actually produce incredibly great music and innovative too, every time. Definitely worth the thought.


The personality of the band members is different from the character of the music. Sometimes it is the quietest person who produces some of the heaviest of music you could have ever heard. Some musicians are real introverts and do not like being a part of the limelight. However, their love and passion for music are honestly too good to pass up. They decide to keep their faces hidden and put their all into the music and continue to do what they genuinely love. Sometimes, the entire band chooses to hide their faces for the sake of a couple of band members who would rather stay hidden, and it all works out well for them in the end.

Fear of Publicity Killing the Band

Publicity influences people in unusual ways. While some do not mind it at all, some people let it get to their heads. Most musicians get comfortable with the fan base that they already have and do not have an interest in making their music anymore. The whole love for music becomes more of a publicity thing, and every action of the band members get judged and combed through. Bands fall apart because other members gain more popularity and jealousy that never existed before creeps in. For this sake, bands that want to keep their music pure and are comfortable that their music will sell their talent and they do not need appearances to determine their fan base, choose to hide their faces.