Writing a Winning Band Biography for Promotion

Having a website is one of the most important marketing and sales implementations, that a business must follow. The same applies even to bands who want to promote their music and sell merchandise. For even the most basic website for a band, the most critical page that every website visitor will read is the bio page. The page is also the most difficult to formulate because it accounts for bragging. While it is extremely professional to have a well-written bio page, the task is challenging.

An excellent bio page has the potential to convert the visitors to become fans. Bloggers and media personnel will judge the band based on the website that they have. The page should be a reflection about who the band is and what sort of music you can expect from them. Therefore, a great bio page is the first step to getting noticed and promoting your music to a broader audience. Below are a few ideas that will help you get a well-designed/written bio page that audiences will love.

Attention Grabbing

Every visitor to a website will spend more than 5 minutes on the site only if the design and experience are worth it for them. The overall design of the site is, therefore, significant. Make a note of all the features of your band that makes you unique. Next, make a note of all the music and people who influence your music. The content on the website should be precise yet engaging. The tone of the site is as essential. The style of your music, humor and unique features are what make the tone of the site.

SEO and Writing Style

When writing on your website, always write in the third-person. Writing in such a manner will make it easy for anyone who visits the site to understand what your band is all about. Writing in the third person also helps with SEO because the name of the band gets features in multiple places. When promoters look at the bio on your website, they can also copy and paste the information about the band without having to come up with their distorted version. Any accolades and media quotes should be mentioned on the bio page. Doing so will help visitors and promoters to take you, band, seriously.

Background Info

The history of the band is a significant aspect and contributes to the bio page. The humble beginnings of the band should be featured on the website. Visitors are always impressed with success stories that start from the basement. Therefore, it doesn’t matter how insignificant your story is; the visitor will love it the more honest you are about your background information. Along with the story of the band, make sure you talk about the backgrounds of every band member to make it feel real and for visitors to relate to every member.

Music Talk

Talk about the type of music you produce and the influences that they have on people. A list of everything you have accomplished as part of your musical experience is a great way to add credibility. Make sure that you don’t exaggerate the facts about your music experience. Give the audience the truth of what they wish to know.

The Overall Design

The layout of the website is essential. Make sure that you don’t stuff any images into the site and videos that will take a long time to load. People who visit your bio page will want to see what you are about within the first 7 seconds. Therefore, use some technology to make sure that the loading of the website is taken into consideration.